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Features Your Invoicing Software Must Have


There are many Software in the market to make your Invoices…But not all of them are very user-friendly and especially not automated to the topmost level. There are some features your invoicing software must have for completing day-to-day work quickly. So, what you guys should be looking for in your Invoicing Software!!

Here are a few features your invoicing software must have…!

GST Automation:

  1. The topmost mistake while making Invoices is entering a wrong GST number. See, a GST number is 15 digits long and its very common to input a wrong GST number while making an Invoice. The wrong GST number hinders your GSTR-1 Return and causes back and forth communication with your customers to ensure your return is Filed on time and specially the return filed is correct.

So, what’s required?

GST number Automation: This is something Your Invoicing Software needs to Have.

  • How it works?

Well, GST number Automation works when you input a GST number while making an Invoice and the necessary credentials of your clients like the Trade name of GST entered, its Address, and PAN (1) number are automatedly generated through GST Portal, rather than to Input the same manually.

  • How it helps?

Well, Automated GST credentials reduce the time in which an Invoice is made, as you don’t have to fill out fields like Trade Name, Address, etc.

The second and most important is the Cross-Check, as you get the name of the person to whom you are billing in front of you automatically, therefore, there can not be any possible mistake of wrong GST entry while making your Invoice and your Return.

  • Many people who are new to GST make a common Mistake while making Invoices, i.e. Selecting the correct option from IGST/ CGST & SGST.

Let us ask you a question if your Software can’t select this automatically then why even bother to buy a Software?

                                So, what’s required?

                                Well, just some good Coding.

Selection of type of Supply, in between IGST/ CGST & SGST are based on some simple rules and your Invoicing Software must have and should Select the right kind of Supply Automatically without your hard work.

Automated Credit Notes:

  • Why aren’t all softwares giving this feature is beyond us.

It’s Basic and a Necessity.

How it Works?

Simply while making a credit note, just enter the Invoice Number you want to create a Credit Note against, and get all the fields auto filed. Make necessary changes in rate/qty if and your Credit Note is ready.

                It’s Simple and is Required.

                P.S. We have proudly provided this feature in INVI INVOICING.

Mobile Platform:

  • Why in this time will anyone like to carry a Heavy Laptop of keep a computer just to make Invoices?

Your Software should run on your Mobile!

(INVI INVOICING is available for both IOS and Android devices).

Multiple and Customizable Templates:

  • Looks are everything in today’s market.

One Boring Invoice Template without your Logo or Your Stamp is very outdated.

The users must get options of choosing from multiple Invoicing Templates as per their business needs.

Customizing colors, adding Your Logo, Personalised Message for Clients, Your Bank Details for Payments, etc…

(INVI INVOICING provides its clients with 4 customizable templates, with all the above facilities.)

Save Paper! Save Environment! Quit Printing:

  • Stop Printing it is need of the hour.

INVI INVOICING, lets you sign your Invoices and Stamp it on the app itself.

Send the Invoice on Whatsapp, SMS, Email without hassling of Printing, Signing, Scanning, and Mailing.

With an Additional benefit, contribute to saving the Environment and simultaneously reduce your overhead costs in Business.

Above are some major features your invoicing software must have to make invoicing process simple and effective.

INVI INVOICING further provides you with Totally free CA Consultations vide email or Whatsapp.

Further INVI INVOICING is at your Service @ just Rs. 1 Per Day.

So, select your Invoicing Software for small business wisely, Download INVI INVOICING Today.

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